Haggai Roc ( Biography )

Haggai Zulu( born in 1994 on the 17th of June) Well known as THE HAGGAI ROC.

The haggai Roc was born n bread in Lusaka City,his music interest started in 2008-

-he is well known for his great and energetic performances which brings a positive and lively touch to his fans-


– in a different way through reggae tone,jazz and hip hop.

Inspired by Lucky Dube,Bob Marley ,Buchi,Pomp and Damian Marley. Haggai Roc-

-believes in himself with high esteem and these people have made him out with full with full confidence.


His crazy ideas came in to being when listened  to there music and then decided to –

make his own .In 2014 he released a mix tap tittled “HEART OF THE CHAMPION“

which had 6 songs,with one of the most outstanding `Ndine Mwamuna` which was–

-received with mixed feeling among est his fans and enjoyed massive air play including `Bauze` ,Why did you leave`, Worship you, Amen good news.

As a multi talented Haggai was given a platform by NELDYTH MUSIC as an actor-

and music artist where he signed for 2 years and left for African Music House Studios with `TWIST being his main producer .He recently released two singles to his name titled FORMULA and MWAMONENI.He  won number #1 in the TIKAMBEKO ZAMBIA TOP 10 WEEKLY AWARDS for August 2018.

Currently signed under KWASU FASHIONS as billboard model .Kwasu Factions designs African clothes  .


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