Delta (The first)-Biography

Delta (The first), real names Nason Fred Ndhlovu,born in Eastern 

Province of Zambia Chipata ,he started his music career as early as 10 years when he was in grade 3 ,he has composed a lot of songs to his name but has had no chance and time to record any of them until  2014 when he recorded his first song at Jvt records,in 2015 he did another in Petauke at Zimaboolean records,  2016 he did another song in Katete at  Trick star Zone with Sly P and Diego but his name was unsuccessful …2018 moved to Lusaka at Rock sounds where he produced his first ever album called “CHANCES“ Including  songs like“ Teacher“,`Kuivomela` ,Uwalala` Chibaba` ,Kulikonse` ,Osaibala`,Yesu` ,Chances free style` and no Gelo. His determination and passion for music puts him to be were he is at the moment as one of the fast rising upcoming star in the making.

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